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Crawlspace cleanup in Los Altos 

We responded to a rental property today to check a job that another company completed.  The owner hired them to clean a sewer pipe that backed up under their home spilling sewage underneath . Unfortunately a week after they cleaned the mess ,  the smell never went away and the tiny little sewer gnats they were seeing was getting worse .

The other company wasn't responsive enough in trying to remedy the situation so they called us to investigate.

Upon arrival I immediately identified the problem .  The  other company just poured absorbant over the the entire area without extracting or excavating the  contaminated dirt .  They also missed an entire area that was affected .

We bagged all the absorbant , excavated a few inches of dirt and introduced some microbes to digest  any left over larvae, we also brought in some fresh new dirt .  We then fogged the entire crawlspace  with an Oder encapsulate.

Place looked as good as new !

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